Co•co•drie noun. (French) translated: Alligator
1: either of two crocodilians (Alligator mississippiensis of the southeastern United States and A. sinensis of China) having broad heads not tapering to the snout and a special pocket in the upper jaw for reception of the enlarged lower fourth tooth
2: leather made from alligator hide

As a native of Louisiana and an avid sportsman, Ann's appreciation and respect for wildlife and nature inspired Cocodrie Collection. Working directly with her metallurgist, as well as hand-selecting the finest Louisiana alligator, Ann's Cocodrie Collection reflects the integrity and suppleness inherent in properly tanned skins. Jewelry in Cocodrie Collection often uses sterling silver; 14K and 18K gold; precious and semi-precious stones and is offered in a myriad of skin colors. Cocodrie Collection includes bracelets, necklaces, earrings, belts, cardholders, cuff links and pins. Incorporating alligator in design, Jane Ann Jarrell participates in sustaining one of Louisiana's renewable natural resources – the alligator.

Pres•er•va•tion noun.
1: an occurrence of improvement by virtue of preventing loss or injury or other change
2: a change for the better that maintains integrity

We all have heirlooms, loose stones, fine jewelry, bracelets and earrings that might sit unworn and unloved. That's what inspired Preservation Collection. Ann will work directly with you to custom design a new piece of jewelry to preserve the integrity of the original piece. Preservation Collection often uses sterling silver; 14K and 18K gold and precious and semi-precious stones.

Top Drawer adjective.
1: the highest level of society, authority,
or excellence
2: Alludes to the uppermost drawer in a bureau or chest, where the most valuable objects are usually kept [c.1900]

Ann's passion for pearls and appreciation of unusual, as well as classic precious and semi-precious stones, inspired Top Drawer Collection. Each stone and pearl in Top Drawer Collection has been hand-selected by Ann. Working directly with her metallurgist to convey her creative design concepts, Ann's is able to maintain integrity in each piece designed. Top Drawer Collection often uses sterling silver; 14K and 18K gold; pearls; precious and semi-precious stones and can be custom designed to meet individual tastes and needs.