About Jane Ann Jarrell

Early on I was introduced to the concept of investing in classic pieces of clothing and jewelry. Jewelry, however, has become more than an accessory in my "daily" dress. My jewelry is now a staple, fundamental ingredient in "being" dressed, although not necessarily "dressed-up."

While a student of Fine Arts at Southern Methodist University, I frequented jewelry salons at boutiques and major upscale department stores in Dallas. Artfully-set gemstones and the soft luster of pearls, mesmerized and fascinated me. I was hooked.

Throughout this journey, I've found myself gravitating to pearls—I believe in part due to my great aunt from whom I inherited my first pearls. Most Southern girls have them but every girl needs them!

Having worked with minerals, gemstones and pearls, I've gained an appreciation of complementing one's skin tone with appropriately-colored pieces of jewelry. I do believe that jewelry is very sensual and tactile–the touch, the texture and the coloration are personal and should reflect one's personality.

I also recognize that refined, hand-tooled alligator products are revered luxury items that often – like fine jewelry – become treasured heirlooms passed on for generations. This was a driving force in my desire to incorporate premium alligator skin derived from the waterways and bayous of Louisiana.

An equally intriguing reason I adore this supple skin—thanks to the Louisiana Department of Wildlife and Fisheries—is because the Louisiana alligator is considered a sustainable, renewable natural resource. It is one of the most coveted among exotic skins and has long been prized by global designers of luxury goods.

As a child I often heard my mother say, "If something is good enough to stand alone, it will work with anything." Whether you choose to wear my designs individually or layer them with your own pieces, I hope you find wearing and combining my collections as much fun as I do.